Guide for Authors

Please Note: when submitting the manuscript, the Declaration Form must also be sent.


Main text: Manuscripts should be written in English. For regular Research Articles, submitted manuscripts should not exceed a total of 30 pages including Title, Authors, Affiliations, Abstract, Keywords, Main text (including figures and tables), Acknowledgements, References, Appendix (basis: 12 point font, double space, 1 inch by inch margins. Exceptions can be made with approved justification. It is preferred that figures and tables are embedded within the main body of the text. There may be more than one figure or table per page.


Abstract: A single paragraph of about 300 words maximum. For research articles, abstracts should give a pertinent overview of the work. We strongly encourage authors to use the following style of structured abstracts, but without headings: (1) Background: Place the question addressed in a broad context and highlight the purpose of the study; (2) Methods: briefly de-scribe the main methods or treatments applied; (3) Results: summarize the article’s main findings; (4) Conclusions: indicate the main conclusions or interpretations.


Table: All tables should be numbered with Arabic numerals. Every table should have a caption. Headings should be placed above tables, left justified. Only horizontal lines should be used within a table, to distinguish the column headings from the body of the table, and immediately above and below the table. Tables must be embedded into the text and not supplied separately.


Figure: All figures should be numbered with Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3…). Every figure should have a caption. All photographs, schemas, graphs and diagrams are to be referred to as figures. Line drawings should be good quality scans or true electronic output. Low-quality scans are not acceptable. Figures must be embedded into the text and not supplied separately.


Equation: Equations and formulae should be typed in Math type, and numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals in parentheses on the right hand side of the page (if referred to explicitly in the text). They should also be separated from the surrounding text by one space.


References: References must be listed at the end of the paper. Do not begin them on a new page unless this is necessary. Authors should ensure that every reference in the text appears in the list of references and vice versa. Indicate references by [1] or [2, 3] in the text.


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